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Ocean WhiteHawk is one of her kind.

Her uncompromising approach to Truth is very useful if you want to get to the heart of who you are. She will not bend what she knows to be unbendable so that you can stay in your comfort zone. Those who have worked with her know that she has no investment to help them feel momentarily better. Ocean’s only interest is to help the individual to be free. Being free in this case does not mean the freedom to do what you want, when you want. To her, being free means to be unafraid of the unknown. To her, being free means what ever happens to you, you know that you are more than fine. And most of all, being free means whoever is in front of you, you never hesitate to give fully of the precious gift of who you are.

Ocean has been teaching for over 15 years. She specialises in spirituality and metaphysics, and passionately devotes herself to inquiring about the nature of life. She enjoys learning and she enjoys not knowing. This makes her an apprentice of life.

JuicyWoman – A Spiritual Guide to Your Feminine Radiance, is Ocean's long awaited book. Her students would always lament that they wish they have something to dip into whenever they need a little reminding of their wondrous intrinsic nature and although this first book is packaged for women, in truth the principles and wisdom in it apply to all. Those whose minds are open to read it will enjoy being awakened to the inner treasures that lay waiting in their own heart.

Ocean is the founder of the charitable organisation ‘ConfidentWoman’ - set up to help women with limited financial means to receive free course and coaching to help them cultivate a vibrant confidence and a healthy self-esteem in their personal and working life. She maintains that a happy woman will automatically mean a happy wife and a happy mother. She believes that if you help women, you are helping men and the community too. And if you’re helping the community, the nation benefits from it. As this blessed effect ripples out, the world is a better place for it.

Ocean WhiteHawk’s motto in life is this:

“Life is a blessing. And you are the miracle.
Don’t delay your Joy for one second longer!”

Her delight in life is to help individuals realise this sacred truth for themselves.


Imagine a glass that is neither half empty nor half full.
Imagine a glass that is ALWAYS full.
Imagine a glass that is not only ALWAYS full to the brim but so full that it overflows.

This glass is YOU. This fullness is your true nature.
This overflowing nature is your true Self.
You are nothing less than this.
The only reason you don't experience this truth is because you have forgotten who you are.

You are not who you think you are.
You are not who you believe you to be.
You are not the stories you have in your head.

You are not your thoughts.
You are not the roles you play.
You are not just another person.

You are not your past.
You are not your limitations.
You are not the suffering you experience.

You are more amazing than you believe.
Your power to be a blessing on this earth is phenomenal.
The presence of your true Self heals everything it touches.

Imagine a life that has no ups and downs.
Imagine being joyous and deeply contented ALL THE TIME.
Imagine finding life an enchantment and a delight.
Imagine the world being your oyster, and you its beautiful precious pearl.
This kind reality is yours when you let go of who you are not.

Your job on the earth is to be who you are.
Your time in this life is to live the miracle you are.
All you need to do is to open your mind and let go of all the ideas that are less than joy.
The astonishing light of your own benevolence awaits you when you are willing.

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