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Ocean WhiteHawk
Born in Malaysia, Ocean's childhood was one of pain and fear, of sadness, lack of love and ultimately betrayed trust. But instead of allowing herself to be damaged by these early negative experiences, she has turned them into a beautiful gift. Instead of seeing herself as a victim, she sees the whole experience as a blessing, one that enables her to help others who have been through similar suffering. It allows her to say to others, with utter conviction, that their past experiences do not have to break them, they can be used to rise them out of the ashes.

Ocean's passion is to help individuals become aware of their innate power and gifts to live a wondrous and happy life. Her work is to help people see the gift in every moment, and utilise this gift to tease out the infinite potential they have inside them. She firmly believes that every human being is more amazing than they realise.

For the past sixteen years Ocean has been teaching self-empowerment and spiritual courses. She has seen many miracles take place. She has watched depressed women with suicidal tendencies heal and move on to enjoy their life. She has seen relationships heal and become a vehicle of joy for couples who thought they couldn't live together anymore. Ocean has seen people with 'caterpillar' attitudes take this inner journey and emerge as beautiful butterflies. She knows that everything is possible for the open mind, and that all we need to do is turn the switch on.

Some of those who study with her have found Ocean’s input incredibly useful. She constantly reminds them that what they are looking for, be it wealth, health, inner peace, love or anything for that matter, is inside them. This is the good news she enjoys revealing. Some of her students have experienced the joy of attending ten-day long seminars where they have swum with Olin, the wild dolphin who used to reside in Gulf of Aqaba in Sinai, Egypt. They have relished sleeping under the desert sky and uttering sacred sounds sitting on top of Mount Sinai as the first light of dawn hits the mountains. They return home knowing more of who they are.

Besides the one to one sessions and self mastery courses Ocean facilitates, she also teaches 'A Course in Miracles' and Meditation in Thorpe le Soken, Essex, England, where she now lives.

To book Ocean for any speaking events, courses or one to one sessions, please contact us on 0845 116 2357 or email info@oceanwhitehawk.com

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