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"Let all your movement gently yield something of Love"

It is so easy lose touch with what is true and real inside us when on the seeming treadmill of life. I use the word 'seeming' here because in truth, Life is not what it appears to be. In a world that is jam-packed with so much 'doing' which consumes us the moment we jump out of bed (crawl for some?), in the carrying out our responsibilities and duties, something precious inside is being neglected - the joy of our own heart.

To come home to this inner joy , we must flip our mindset from the pattern of 'human doing' to human being again. Being Joy. Being Peace. Being Love. How do we do that? When you put the kettle on for your cup of tea, let all your movement gently yield something of Love. When you are walking down the street to your local shop, let all your movement gently yield something of Love. Whatever you do, however mundane, let all your movement gently yield something of Love. If you can keep up with this awareness throughout the day, you will begin to remember who you truly are, and what Life is really all about. I wish you the most beautiful and wondrous day.

Another piece of good news. We have another inspiring day coming up on June 14th - "Bring a Juicy Friend and Be Inspired Together" at Five Lakes Hotel, Country Club & Spa, 3pm to 6pm. If you've missed out on the inspiration evening we had at the book launch of JuicyWoman - A Spiritual Guide to Your Feminine Radiance, then this will be your chance to come and find out why it's so amazing to be a woman. And to join a wonderful group of women to reclaim what is rightfully yours - your true feminine radiance, gorgeous beyond measure. For further details, contact us: info@oceanwhitehawk.com
With Much Love and Blessings, Ocean                                                                     
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"May you know the astonishing light of your own being!"

After weeks of devoted planning, I’m delighted to see the book ‘JuicyWoman – A Spiritual Guide to Your Feminine Radiance’ finally birthed and launched on Sunday 10th May this year. It was an immense joy to share this auspicious moment with approximately 200 women from all walks of life and professions.

I know this book has a life of its own. It has a life of its own because everything in it is totally useful for those who want to transform any aspect of their life from misery to joy, from mediocrity to excellence or from transient happiness to lasting inner bliss.

As a symbolic gesture for its launch, we inserted a blessing in each of the 44 balloons and all of us focussed our love and energies on each blessing like ‘May you only see the good in yourself’, ‘May you be free from suffering’ as they appear on the two large screens present. After these blessing balloons were blessed and charged with love, they were released into the evening sky. May whoever finds these balloons benefit from the blessings they bring.

The launch also saw the birth of ConfidentWoman – a charitable organisation that helps women with limited financial means to receive free courses and coaching to help with their well-being and confidence. This organisation is pioneering a new movement ‘Dynamic Womanism’, a calling to all women to actively step forth to shine their light and offer their gifts to help our own kind. Instead of waiting for things to change, we take a more dynamic role in instigating these positive changes by supporting women. The more we can help women, the better the world will be.

It was my prayer that the launch not only marked the birth of my JuicyWoman Book, but would also be an evening of inspiration and
upliftment for all those present. From the feedback we have received so far, I’m delighted and grateful that we managed to achieve that. Many went away strengthened in their conviction to be their own best friend and ally.

Thank you to all the beautiful Souls who joined me in making this event a truly blessed one.

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