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"Ocean WhiteHawk is an extraordinary being who follows her heart and brings joy to everyone she touches.  I have never known anyone so connected to their divine essence and through this so able to bring just the right concept to the right people at the right time.

I have travelled with Ocean both physically in this world and metaphysically in other dimensions.  I have always felt safe and at the same time excited, knowing I would experience something new and enlightening.  I have ridden camels for days in the dessert and camped out under the stars, I have climbed Mount Sinai at midnight and chanted as the dawn broke, I have swum with a wild dolphin and met many delightful Bedouin.

I have introduced others to Ocean and they have found her of immense help in their journey.  I have also learnt many things from her that I have passed on in my turn, including a form of Tai Chi that I learned from her many years ago and now teach to groups of my own.

Life with Ocean is always joyful and juicy.  She is a delicate and delightful woman with a hotline to God."
- Richard Mott, The Centre for Essential Development

“Ocean is full of enthusiastic energy for life and has a delightfully way of sharing her energy and wise words engaging mind body and spirit. I found my time with her uplifting, enlightening and loving. I was able to let go and be myself and enjoy being taken to deeper places where I experienced life changing moments of bliss.”
- Mani Norland, School of Homeopathy

“I can honestly say that Ocean helped me to cope with one of the most traumatic times in my life. I was a member of her ‘Holistic Tai Chi’ class when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her teaching on health, the importance of a positive mental attitude and keeping a balance in our lives proved to be a rock for me. Ocean herself is such a vital and strong person who radiates love, energy and confidence. Her vitality is infectious and she made me feel that I could cope with anything life had to throw at me. Thanks to Ocean’s teaching and support I came through my experience and now enjoy complete health. Fortunately for me I still retain her friendship and she is a wonderful example of the joy of living life to the full.”
- Janet Vaughan

“When I first met Ocean WhiteHawk I knew that she was a very special person, and I knew she had something that I wanted – but I didn’t know what it was. She invited me to join a class she was running, which involves meditation and instruction in A Course in Miracles.  I knew immediately this was what I was looking for, and her teaching has been a life-changing experience for me. What I have learnt from her is the ability to live in the now, that every moment is complete and precious, and there is nothing to fear.  Amazing!

As a teacher, Ocean demonstrates a vast knowledge and wisdom encompassing all spiritual values, and shares this knowledge with great clarity, patience and enthusiasm. As a woman, she lives what she teaches, and has enormous inner strength – but most of all she is great fun, sees good in everything and everyone, and her joy is infectious. As a human being she is gentle and loving, with an open heart, and generous spirit.

I have worked with Ocean for several years now, and it is clear to me that what I could see in her at that first meeting was stillness, inner peace and confidence. And now I know what it is, I want it even more! Ocean is a rare find, and I feel blessed to know her. With love and thanks from a grateful student."
- Sheelagh Alexander

"I first met Ocean WhiteHawk in 2002 when I was planning my wedding, running a business and feeling very anxious and under pressure. By joining Ocean's meditation group I soon learned techniques to clear my mind, relax my body and to focus which I have used ever since. Ocean has the ability of making everyone feel special and brings a feeling of serenity to the room during her workshops. I would highly recommend her workshops which are both professional and spiritual, awakening feelings of confidence, well being and calm. They say people come into your life for a reason, a season or for a lifetime and I know I first met Ocean for a reason, I enjoyed her workshops for several seasons and I know that she will be a dear friend for a lifetime."
- Margaret Fleming, Image Practice

“Ocean is the blessed angel of integral transformation. She has helped me discover my inner goodness and my inner goddess, both of whom have always been waiting patiently for me to acknowledge them all along.   With Ocean’s devoted and constant love, compassion, friendship and beautiful grace, she has helped me reach beyond the boundaries of my comfort zones and thus access my fabulously awesome potential - she empowered me to discover and embrace exactly who I am, not who my family and friends want me to be or thought me to be.  She helped to guide me to a place of knowing, of heightened self awareness, deeper self love, inner peace and happiness.  

Through her teachings Ocean has shown me how to be the master of my thoughts and thus the creator of my own life and happiness.  Because of her imparted wisdom I am completely grounded in who I am, in my uniqueness.  Ocean’s meditation training has taught me how to access grace, humility, acceptance, compassion, stillness and universal love.  Under her serene tuition I have been lovingly educated on how to let go of any resistance to ‘what is’ and thus I am free.  She is a beautiful, ‘spiritual midwife’ who birthed me to a place of serenity, freedom and abundance.  I am blessed to know her.”           
- Linda Green, Colchester Connected

The wonderful thing about Ocean is that she radiates positive energy and this is really infectious. It also enables you to relax and trust in what she is saying because you feel excited and revived simply by being in her presence. Ocean really is one of those rare people who inspire you to reach for something higher and see past your self-imposed limits. She really is a gem who manages to combine the serenity of a monk with the excitement of a child and the glamour of a Sex and The City character.

I went to Ocean for help with public speaking. I was thrilled with the results of just one session with Ocean. I felt energised and excited about all aspects of my life. Ocean has helped me develop an inner voice that still speaks loud and clear whenever I need it. By showing me the power of meditation and how to use body language, Ocean teased out a part of me that I never knew I had. Whereas before I had seen certain things as daunting tasks that just ‘had to be done’, I now see them as possibilities and opportunities.

Ocean also runs ‘Self-Empowerment’, our Women’s Institute most successful sub-group. Our first empowerment evening was simply electric. The twenty women who attended went away feeling ten times more positive and excited about their lives. I’m so thrilled that now there is a book because what Ocean has to offer feels like a secret that you want to pass on to every woman that you know and it will now be accessible to everyone!
- Sarah Capel, President of WI Girls, Colchester

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