Mother Ocean is no ordinary human. What makes her different is she cares about you deeply, even though you know nothing about her. Is this a sales pitch? Definitely not. Is this a new age idealism? No, it isn’t. You see, for over 20 years each time before she takes her meal, she spends a couple of minutes sending you Light, as she does for over 7 billion humans all over the world. She does so because she understands the power of Consciousness and Light, and she knows that every soul included does benefit GREATLY from such a loving practice. And in mastering this Law of Oneness, it also gives Mother Ocean access to your blueprint to help you evolve beyond the life challenges you face. And to teach you how to attain Spiritual Intelligence and Divine Mastery.  Thereby you too will realize that you are no ordinary human.

121 For Those Struggling with Worldly Issues

One-on-one Sessions with Mother Ocean is a fast track to cut through the quagmire of your mind narratives of SUFFERING, confusion, tension, anxiety, pain, troubles and problems to arrive to a higher state of Clarity.

Your so-called problems are not what you think. In fact, it is your thinking that is creating those issues you are facing. Your confused mind will not bring you into the light of resolution.

You are a spiritual being, and whether you acknowledge this consciously or not, it DOES NOT change this fact. However, when you finally decide to embrace this powerful Truth that you are a spiritual being, you will be able to learn how to reconstruct your reality.

The One-on-One Sessions help you to:

•      IDENTIFY the root cause(s) of your predicament or problem. No more going round in circles, being stuck in the same issues.

•      CLEAR the toxicity of your thought forms and dissolve the poison they create in your system. You will experience a wholly different level of wellbeing in your daily life.

•      WAKE UP and see that your so-called problems are only a soul-squeeze to awaken you to your Soul Potential. This is where empowerment begins.

•      CREATE a more benevolent relationship with yourself, and others. No more self-attack, self-doubt, and criticism of self or others. Only Gratitude and Humility.

For Those Who Ready to Take a Leap into their Soul Awakening and Spiritual Purpose of Serving Humanity

One-on-One Training in Divine Mastery with Mother Ocean are for those who are ready to take a quantum leap from their mundane self into their Extraordinary Self. This Self is latent in all human beings, although its powerful essence is disconnected from the individual’s awareness. The mundane human self makes up only 10 percent, while this Extraordinary Self is the 90 percent of the totality of the Soul.

This Divine Mastery TRAINING helps you to:

CULTIVATE your Spiritual Intelligence to be the guiding force in your life

DELETE FEAR, the insidious virus that attacks your mind and disempowers you

FIND and ACTUALIZE your Greater Purpose, so you can be a forerunner for the human race in this Paradigm Shift from matter-based consciousness to Spirit-based consciousness, from fear to Love

CLAIM your true identity as a Server of the human race as a Collective Being

DISCOVER your Soul Destiny – who you are meant to be in this lifetime not who you think you are

UNDERSTANDING your own Divine Nature, and build a deep connection with the Divine, God or Source

BE an effective Change Maker for not only yourself, but for others on matters that are meaningful and which rewards you spiritually


Please note that Mother Ocean has a very busy teaching and travel schedule. For ready souls who are serious with training, she would consider opening a slot.

To Book / Fees / Enquiry – please email