Ocean WhiteHawk, fondly known as Mother Ocean to her students worldwide, is an evolutionist who is totally focused on the spiritual advancement of our human race. She is here to lovingly assist souls who are ready to learn how to progress into their Soul Self, in order to fulfil the URGENT silent calling of their Higher Purpose in THIS lifetime.  As these souls train and master the Universal Teachings, they also learn to cultivate their HEART NATURE.  Only then can one go beyond the negative karmic play-out of unfinished business, and finally access the Benevolent Field of luminous and harmonious living for oneself, and others. She has been teaching for over two decades, and for the past eight years, she concentrated on guiding a group of dedicated and steadfast global students to become effective changemakers, innovators, and teachers of this Divine Wisdom.

Mother Ocean is the founder Teacher and Spiritual Director of SAMADHI Training Centre for the Soul in Hong Kong. This innovative Training Centre is created to accelerate Soul Awareness and Spiritual Evolution.

She teaches with acute awareness of EACH soul’s particular journey, from a great depth and breadth of metaphysical knowledge and wisdom from ancient, current, and revolutionary Teachings. These jewels of Higher Consciousness go beyond religion, as religion is man-made. Instead, they are the constant Universal Principles that underlie all reality, and all physical manifestations in our world.

Mother Ocean teaches souls in a meticulous fashion, on how to de-programme their human conditioning of Fear, in order to accelerate to the point of efficiency where they can be of spiritual use to life and humanity. This is also done through increasing the individual’s deep understanding in the new science of Consciousness, to master the Universal Laws that govern the universe we live in. For without these spiritual developments, the individual remains entrapped by the illusion created by their mental and emotional bodies, thus creating loops of suffering in their inner and outer lives. Old karmic patterns keep repeating in the person’s energy field, and more negative entanglements are the outcome.

She offers these Soul Trainings and Studies in private One-on-One Sessions as well as Group Trainings in the form of Day Trainings or 7 Day Retreat setting.

Mother Ocean is also the author of two books, JuicyWoman – A Spiritual Guide to Your Feminine Radiance (currently being translated into Chinese) and The Simple Truth – a short manual for the awakening soul.