Word Economic Forum, Davos 2019

With Author and Conscious Evolutionist Ocean WhiteHawk

Powerful Sound Activation Meditation

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The Power of Heart Intelligence

Thursday, January 24
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Be Change Makers – By Awakening Your Spirit Self

ABA Bi Annual Conference 2017, Miami

Ocean WhiteHawk (also known to her students worldwide as Mother Ocean), is the spiritual director of the SAMADHI Training Centre for the Soul, Hong Kong – Shifting Consciousness. She is an educator, author, and human consciousness evolutionist. For further information please visit: www.oceanwhitehawk.com

In this video Mother Ocean gave a powerful transmission to a group of lawyers at the ABA’s bi-annual conference in Miami on 26 October 2017 on creating change through the power of consciousness.

This is no ordinary talk – Mother Ocean spoke uncompromisingly about the power of our consciousness: that we are what we focus our attention on in every moment – whether it be a life-enhancing or life-draining thought. It is our thoughts – and how we relate to all things – that determine our experience of life.

She not only spoke about how negative thoughts drain us, she demonstrated with a kinesiology test to show how we even physically weaken when we entertain negative thoughts.

Mother Ocean concluded the session with a profound 2-minute Great Compassion exercise for the participants. The first minute focused on breathing in Great Compassion for the self and the second minute for the world.

For more information on the SAMADHI Training Centre for the Soul, please visit:https://www.facebook.com/samadhicentre/