Top Reader Reviews

By Nancy on May 19, 2017
”I still remember at the start of 2013, I often wondered, so the world did not come to an end by end of 2012, is that all? I always felt that if we the human race do not do something about it, then one day, we would have created so much damage on Earth that it no longer is suitable for humans to live in. I thought to myself that I would like to do something about it, I would like to contribute to give Earth a better chance, to evolve together instead of going towards destruction.

Then this book arrived “2012 and Beyond”. I still recall when I received this book. I was so excited and went through chapter by chapter everyday and actually translated into Chinese for my mum who is also very interested . It seems to finally answer many off my questions and queries. Then of course that is only the beginning of your journey home, your journey to understand truly who you are, your purpose and what can you do to contribute to this place being a better place on Earth.”

By Acon May 21, 2017
”It surely is a welcomed version of spiritual guidance. Easy to read and digest with a great resource of divine direction. It helps to strengthen my heart and instantly felt empowered upon any fear, doubt, disappointment, etc etc. The handy size of the book is a perfect tool accompanying my daily traveling life. Well, they are the Simple Truth while everyone should be well familiar, it’s also because it’s the Simple Truth that it’s easy to get forgotten at the same time. Indeed every time reading the book I got a “ding” and leading me back to a peace of mind. I truly recommend this book which I am sure that it can be used over and over again. It is because this Simple Truth is an infinite guidance regardless of time, age, culture and anything that matters.”

By L J Beresky on April 22, 2017
”This book has been written with meticulous precision and love, enabling the reader to understand how to be present in the now and free themselves from untruth. This enables the reader to be at peace and feel joy in the simplicity of life. It is essential reading to shift outdated beliefs and free you.
The book is full of life enhancing gems that have been written with practical applications to focus on.

It helped me enormously during a particularly challenging point in my life to see the truth in the situation, which I am eternally grateful for.”

By Martin Bjergegaard on April 6, 2017
”A truly unique book. Delightful to read and incredible profound at the same time. Useful and practical wisdom on each page. I read the book over two days, and then re-read it. I felt old limiting beliefs gradually letting go, as I turned the pages. This book, this simple truth, opened me up in the middle of a period of sadness, and motivated me to take further steps that has today led me to an existence that is in the natural flow of ease, peace and joy. I am deeply grateful that the author took the time to put together this little book, with such precision of each word!”

By Amazon Customer on May 26, 2017
”This Simple Truth is such an unique and precise book — it captures the Wisdom Teachings in such a clear and beautiful way. Every time I re-read the book, more gems just beautifully unfold. It is such a great tool to facilitate ones Spiritual Progress. All the poignant messages directly go into the essence of the Truth Teaching, peeling through the veil between the human’s unconscious mind and the Light from the Spiritual Realm. May all sentient beings benefit from the Light emitting from this powerful Spiritual Tool.”